Consortia and Group Subscriptions

If you are interested in subscription pricing for RDA Toolkit for consortia or other centralized purchasing groups, please contact us at with "Consortium" or "Group purchase" in the subject line and provide some basic information about your group. We will work with each group to meet your specific needs, volume, purchasing, accounting, and other systems and procedures.

We do ask that you answer a few basic questions when submitting your email.

• How many institutions does your consortium represent?
• Where are your members located geographically?
• What types of institution do you serve and in what proportion? (For example, academic, public, corporate)
• Do you require that a certain number of your members must agree to subscribe before you proceed with a subscription?
• Do your member subscriptions start based on a fiscal year or calendar year?
• Do you handle billing and payments so there would be one invoice and payment for ALA?