Prequalifying Questions for Consortia

Help facilitate the consortia pricing process by preparing in advance your answers to the following questions:

  • Please give a summary profile of your membership. How many institutions does your consortium represent? Where are your members located geographically?
  • What types of institution do you serve and in what proportion? (For example, percentage of academic libraries to public libraries.)
  • What are the largest and smallest institutions you serve, by library type? (For example, the largest and smallest public libraries; the largest and smallest academic libraries.)
  • Do you support groups within your consortia? (For example, a consortium within your own.)
  • Which of the following channels and methods do you use to market available products to your members?

    Targeted email
    Annual meetings
    Vendor fairs
    State/regional conferences
    Newsletters (print or digital)
    Social media
    Print direct mail
    Other (please specify)

  • What is your quoting process?
  • Do you require that a certain number of your members must agree to take a trial before you proceed with one?
  • Do you require that a certain number of your members must agree to subscribe before you proceed with a subscription?
  • Is there one date each year by which your members have to decide on what products they wish to purchase through you? (In other words, do you submit one annual order only?) Or do you submit individual pass-through orders as they come?
  • Do you handle billing and payments so there would be one invoice and payment for ALA? Or do your members require individual invoices from ALA and pay directly?