RDA Toolkit Virtual User Group

The RDA Toolkit Virtual User Group is an online interactive webinar focusing on development planning for RDA Toolkit. Meetings are held 3 to 4 times each year and at different times of day in order to facilitate live participation from users around the world. These sessions are free and open to everyone. Announcements about future meetings of the Virtual User Group will be made here and on other RDA Toolkit social media outlets.

The Virtual User Group differs from other webinars in two significant ways. First, the focus of the meeting is limited to RDA Toolkit development. We will not discuss best practices for making Workflows or how to connect from Cataloger's Desktop; those are questions best addressed in training webinars and other materials. Rather, the meetings will focus on ways to make RDA Toolkit better serve user needs. Tell us what doesn't work as well as it could, and we will work together to make improvements. The basic agenda for each meeting will be a demo of enhancements that are either ready for release or in development, as well as a discussion of priorities for future development.

Second, the sessions will emphasize open, back-and-forth discussion between users and developers of RDA Toolkit. We believe that transparency in the development process and constructive discourse about changes to RDA Toolkit will best serve its users. In order to foster more substantive discussions in the Virtual User Group, we have introduced the Development Blog. This blog is the best resource for learning about bugs, improvements, and new functions on RDA Toolkit's "to-do" list, and it's the best way for you to weigh in on these issues. Between meetings of the Virtual User Group we encourage everyone to visit the Development Blog (or subscribe to its RSS feed) to stay informed and to share your thoughts and ideas on how to make RDA Toolkit better.

Virtual User group Meetings are conducted through the Go To Webinar service. This service is easy to use and can be quickly set up on your computer. Read a quick reference guide on how to use Go To Webinar.

Next Meeting of the Virtual User Group:

To Be Determined

Meeting #4 (presented March 12, 2013)
Meeting #3 (presented July 19, 2012)
Meeting #2 (presented February 15, 2012)
Meeting #1 (presented October 5, 2011)