RDA Toolkit Video Help

Accessing RDA Toolkit

Movie IconAccount Types (5:43)
Movie IconSubscription Methods (Coming Soon)
Movie IconLogging into your Solo-User account (1:54)
Movie IconLogging into your Institutional account (3:33)
Movie IconLogging in when you are away (3:29)
Movie IconConnecting to RDA Toolkit from Cataloger's Desktop (4:07)
Movie IconCreating a User Profile (6:11)
Movie IconForgot your login? (3:01)

Navigating RDA Toolkit Documents

Movie IconBrowsing RDA (3:21)
Movie IconPage Navigation (2:53)
Movie IconSynching the Table of Contents (4:56)
Movie IconRDA Element Set View (Coming Soon)
Movie IconLibrary of Congress Policy Statements (Coming Soon)
Movie IconAACR2 in RDA Toolkit (6:48)
Movie IconRDA Mappings (Coming Soon)
Movie IconERDs and Schemas (Coming Soon)
Movie IconUser Contributed Workflows and Maps (Coming Soon)

Searching RDA Toolkit

Movie IconRDA Quick Search (5:06)
Movie IconRDA Quick Search: Numbers (5:06)
Movie IconAdvance Search (Coming Soon)
Movie IconAACR2 Rule Number Search (Coming Soon)

User Contributed Workflows and Maps

Movie IconCreating a Workflow or Map (Coming Soon)
Movie IconSharing and Linking to a Workflow or Map (Coming Soon)

RDA Toolkit Site Administration

Movie IconManaging "User Profiles" (Coming Soon)
Movie IconRunning Usage Reports (Coming Soon)
Movie IconChanging your Site "User Name" and "Password" (Coming Soon)

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