Welcome to the new rdatoolkit.org

We are excited to roll out a new rdatoolkit.org site! Just to clarify rdatoolkit.org is this very information and communication site that serves as a kind of entrance way to the RDA Toolkit proper.

Our goal is to make the site easier to navigate and more illuminating. The updated site includes a more dynamic home page with a slideshow display of announcements and other news, as well as channel displays with the latest information on the 3R project, RDA events at conferences, and new RDA-related publications and webinars.

RDA and the RSC coming to Madrid

The RDA Steering Committee (RSC) will be convening at the Biblioteca Nacional de España in Madrid this October. The RSC will meet in closed session from October 24th through 26th, but there will also be holding a special outreach event on October 23rd that free and open to anyone. The event is titled "Preparing for the new RDA Toolkit" and will include an update on the 3R project and changes to RDA related to the Library Reference Model.

An Update on 2017 Toolkit Releases

As work on the 3R Project progresses, we have had to make adjustments to plans for the releases in 2017. The upcoming August release was intended to be the last release of 2017. However, as we transition to new translation software and implement registry synchronization for the Toolkit translations, it has become clear that the translation teams will need more time to complete their work.