Low Priority

RDA-138 Replace AACR2 Example Images with Text

Use Case

Examples are in images (not text).

RDA-3 Return to Search Results Missing for ERDs

Use Case

When a user clicks through to an ERD from a search results page, there is no “return to results” option on the ERD page display.

RDA-8 Allow Institutions to Set User Profile Defaults

Use Case

Institutions would like to create and maintain their own set of default preferences that apply to profiles created under their account.

RDA-7 Allow User to Set Display Font Size

Use Case

Users would like the option to change the font size in the RDA Toolkit display.

RDA-37 Fix TOC for AACR2 22.8


AACR2, the title for 22.8 (in the left hand column) lists itself as "Entry under Given Name, Etc. 11". "11" comes from a footnote number in the text and should not be in the display in the left hand column.

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