Translations of RDA

RDA-226 Allow side-by-side views of two different language versions of RDA

Use Case

Because translated versions of RDA will often trail the English version of RDA, several users have commented that they need to be able to look at two language version side-by-side

RDA-225 Add a quick language change option

Use Case

Some users have expressed an interest in being able to switch the language setting of RDA Toolkit without having to log into their profile.

RDA-99 Display RDA in multiple languages in RDA Toolkit

Use Case

Due to the high cost of standard development and maintenance as well as the promise of increased interoperability and record sharing many countries outside the Anglo-American countries that implemented AACR2 are interested in implementing RDA as their cataloging standard. To facilitate and encourage the adoption for RDA outside English-speaking countries RDA Toolkit will display RDA in multiple languages.

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