RDA-26 Input URL into Annotation of Bookmark

User Case

Users would like the ability to link to local documentation, be it a Workflow, staff wiki, or some other documentation hosted on the Web.

RDA-27 Edit or Rename Bookmarks

Use Case

The current bookmark tool does not allow for bookmarks to be edited or renamed. The only way to edit or rename a bookmark is to create a new one with a new name, copy over the content, and delete the old one.

RDA-28 Share Bookmarks

Use Case

Bookmarks are used to alert users to local policy decisions and to link to local training aids. Sharing Workflows and Mappings within an institution is a useful way to collaborate with colleagues, and the same would be true for sharing bookmarks. Unlike Workflows and Mappings, sharing bookmarks outside of one’s institution would be less useful and would most likely add unneeded clutter to the display.

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