June 2012

RDA-92 Allow Multiple Users to Edit the Same Locally Shared Workflow

Use Case

Institutional Subscribers would like to allow several users within their institution to share authorship of a workflow. Presumably a locally shared workflow could be opened for editing by any user with a profile account associated with the subscription. This would allow both collaboration on workflows and the ability for some users to inherit ownership of workflows.

RDA-93 Allow Subscriber to Set Default Language

Use Case

Once translations of RDA are introduced to RDA Toolkit, users will be able to switch from one language to another. For Institutional subscribers who are not English language institutions, there is a need to set the default to their language of choice without requiring individual users to log into their profiles in order to access the their preferred language.

RDA Toolkit Release - June 12, 2012

A new release was pushed to the live site of RDA Toolkit on June 12, 2012. When there is a new release for RDA Toolkit, it is made on the second Tuesday of the month. Releases typically contain updates to content and metadata, enhancements to RDA Toolkit functionality, and fixes to existing bugs. You can subscribe to our RSS news feed to get notification of releases.

The details of the June release follow.