RDA Toolkit Release – February 14, 2017

A new release of RDA Toolkit was published on February 14, 2017. Releases typically contain updates to content and metadata, enhancements to RDA Toolkit functionality, and fixes to existing bugs. You can subscribe to our RSS development feed to get notification of releases.

The details of the February release follow.

Content Updates

The release included corrections, revised terminology, and Fast Track changes from the RDA Steering Committee (RSC). Details on these February changes are available in RSC/Sec/6 on the RSC site. Also on that website is RSC/Chair/18 describing the background to changes made to the labels, definitions, and associated instructions of many RDA Elements. The release also included a significant update to the Italian translation of RDA, making it current with the April 2016 RDA Update. There will be minor revisions to the German, Finnish and French translations as well.

The release also included the debut of policy statements from Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ). The policy statements from LAC will be available in both English and French and will be found on the Resources tab of the Toolkit. The French version of these documents will also include the policy statements from BAnQ.

The release contained updates to Library of Congress-Program for Cooperative Cataloging Policy Statements (LC-PCC PS -- a complete list of the revised LC-PCC PSs is available on the Library of Congress website), MLA Best Practices (MLA BP) and the Suomalaisten kirjastojen linjaukset (SKL) from the National Library of Finland, as well as policy statements from Committee for Library Standards for the application of RDA in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, known as Anwendungsrichtlinien (D-A-CH AWRs).

Development Updates

As mentioned above, new policy statements from Library and Archives Canada and Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec have been added to the Resources tab of the Toolkit. The policy statements are accessible from the RDA instructions through a clickable icon. The icon is a dark purple rectangle with the letters LAC/BAC-BAnQ.

The Select Language and Dual View functions have been added to the toolbar for policy statements and the RDA-MARC mappings, allowing users to quickly switch languages and compare translations for LAC/BAC-BAnQ policy statements (English and French) and D-A-C-H AWRs (German and French), as well as the RDA-MARC Mappings (English and French).