Special Release to RDA Toolkit -- Finnish and Spanish RDA

On December 8 RDA Toolkit published the Finnish language translation of RDA and an update to the Spanish language translation. The Finnish translation is accessible to all with a subscription to RDA Toolkit. Users whose browser language preference is set to Finnish will be automatically logged into the Finnish version of RDA. Users may also log into to their profiles and set Finnish as their preferred language. This special December release was added to enable RDA training in Finland to proceed with access to Finnish translation. The translation is complete through the April 2015 update to RDA. Learn more about Finnish RDA here and here.

The release also includes an update to Spanish RDA that brings the translation in line with the April 2015 RDA Update and a revision to A.39 (and its sub-instructions) in response to input from the National Library of Finland.

The release does NOT include Fast Track changes to RDA or any changes to French RDA, German RDA, or policy statements.