Spanish RDA ready for publication

UPDATE: The Spanish translation of RDA is now available. All subscribers can access the Spanish translation as well as all other language versions of RDA hosted on the toolkit. Learn more about Spanish RDA on RDA Toolkit. (Updated 2015.03.15)

The Spanish translation of RDA is expected to be published to RDA Toolkit on Wednesday, March 11. The translation is the result of a collaboration between the Co-Publishers of RDA and Rojas Eberhard Editores of Colombia. More information about this partnership is available here. All RDA Toolkit subscribers will have access to Spanish RDA, as well as the English, French and German language versions of the standard. Subscriptions to RDA Toolkit for those in Spain and Latin America may be obtained through Infolink Colombia. Rojas Eberhard Editores will also publish a print version of the translation.

Spanish RDA becomes the fourth language available on RDA Toolkit and represents another important step toward meeting RDA's goal of being a truly international standard. The Co-Publishers will be adding more translations to RDA Toolkit in the future. Look for announcements about Finnish and Italian translation projects in the coming weeks.