RDA Implementation

British Library announces implementation of RDA

An April 2 post to the RDA-L user list by Alan Danskin announced the British Library's implementation of RDA effective April 1, 2013. The full text of the post follows.

Revised RDA Toolkit Release Schedule for 2013

The RDA Toolkit release schedule for 2013 has been revised. RDA Toolkit releases will take place in May, July, and November in 2013. Releases always take place on the second Tuesday of a release month.

2013 RDA Toolkit Release Schedule

  • May 14
  • July 9
  • November 12

The May release is expected to include French and German translations of RDA as well as the complete rewording of RDA as requested by the U.S. RDA Test Coordinating Committee.

The July release is expected to include the RDA Update from the JSC.

RDA at Midwinter 2013

Policies for handling hybrid records and copy cataloging after the March 31st implementation day were a key topic of RDA discussions at ALA's 2013 Midwinter Meeting that wrapped up yesterday in Seattle.

Getting Ready for RDA without Panicking

Day One for RDA implementation is March 31, 2013. Scary, I know. The date sounds so definitive and dread-inducing, as if the stroke of midnight that day will bring chaotic change and the end of AACR2! Of course, this is not the case at all. Many libraries, including the Library of Congress, have been creating RDA records for many months, and after March 31st there will be plenty of libraries that still do AACR2 cataloging. The March 31 date really means that the Library of Congress and a few other major libraries will be cataloging exclusively (or nearly exclusively) in RDA, so you will be seeing a lot more RDA records.

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