MARC Report now supports MARC Linking to RDA Toolkit

Here is some more good news for those of you cataloging in RDA or training in RDA, this time from Deborah and Richard Fritz, authors of MARC21 for Everyone (ALA, 2003), and co-owners of The MARC of Quality (TMQ). They have informed us that MARC Report, their error checking software for MARC records, now includes:

  • Hot-key linking, via RDA Toolkit's MARC Linking Service, to easily locate the appropriate RDA instructions for each specific MARC element in a record; and

MARC Linking Now Available

We are thrilled to announce that our MARC linking service is now available to all. The service is free of charge and will be a powerful tool for both users and vendors. Following the instructions provided, anyone will be able to create a link based on a specific location within MARC to the relevant instruction(s) in RDA Toolkit. The linking service requires URLs constructed on the record type (bibliographic or authority) and the essential MARC data--field, indicators, and subfield.

New Content and Functionality Added to the RDA Toolkit

Today we published some new content and functionality on the RDA Toolkit website. We added a book-style Table of Contents and Index to RDA. A subscription to the RDA Toolkit is not necessary to view these two new sections—they are freely available to everyone. We’ve also made some modifications to the way search results are sorted and displayed. Lastly, we’ve added some behind-the-scenes MARC-related metadata to allow future MARC-related linking functionality.

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