May 2012

What Are These Licenses All About?

The May release introduced a requirement to select a Creative Commons license for each new workflow or map that you create in RDA Toolkit. This might surprise many and stir a bit of concern for a few. Why is a license needed? Why is this being introduced now? What do each of these types of licenses mean? We're happy to answer all these questions.

Why is a license needed?

Things You Should Know About RDA Updates

Last month the first update to RDA instructions was published to RDA Toolkit. The release of the updated content was accompanied by the unveiling of the RDA Update History section to RDA Toolkit. This new section, located beneath the RDA Table of Contents browse in the RDA tab, is a major step forward in the quality of user interaction with the new code. And so it seems that a full explanation of these new and significant additions to RDA Toolkit is in order so that users may fully benefit from them.